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Image by Helena Lopes
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Welcome to Chasing Gold Performance!

We offer natural supplements and cutting-edge PEMF treatment for equine health and well-being. Join us in the pursuit of excellence for your horse, as nature intended.


HELTIE horse® 

 The HELTIE horse®  supplement line is a natural line design to optimize your horses health and performance by putting your horse first. HELTIE horse® prides themselves on being unique and exploring new formulas and oportunites. Their vision is to bring horses closer to nature again with supplements that are completely natural-based.

PEMF Therapy

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy. It is is the used for the alleviation of chronic pain, metabolic disorders, circulatory problems, for treating muscle tension and so much more. 

Client Success Stories

Julia Adams and Bacardi (Havana Nights)

"Back to back weekends Angelstone Events is so much fun but also a lot of work. Many thanks to Chasing Gold Company for giving our boy the Mag-best! Its the red lipstick in the horse world, sleek, sexy and makes you feel wonderful. Bacardi worked so hard for us and he soaked up every moment of our thank you treat! I think it’s safe to say… he approves! and Jilli Bean (Jillian) well she’s one of the nicest humans around. Check out this video of Bacardi’s ZEN!"

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