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Welcome to ChasingGoldPerformance, where our journey began with a singular goal: to provide top-quality supplements and products that optimize horses, enabling them to perform at their very best, aligning with the principles of nature.

Meet "Chase," or as he's known in the show ring, "Chasing Gold." He's my remarkable 16.2hh RPSI Palomino Gelding and the driving force behind the inception of CGP.


Chase's journey with me began with formidable challenges, including OCD lesions on his stifles, he was later revealed to be PSSM positive with a DNA confirmed. Through extensive research and the invaluable international connections I've cultivated, I am thrilled to report that he has not only surviving, but is now thriving!


It's thanks to Chase that CGP was born, and he continues to inspire our mission.

Our quest led us to discover #HeltieHorse supplements from the Netherlands, a brand that harmonizes seamlessly with our vision. Chase, our beloved equine partner, required a #Silicon supplement to support his recovery from OCD lesions following a course of PRP injections.


Today, we proudly serve as the North American distributor for #HeltieHorse products, eager to introduce more horses and their dedicated owners to the benefits of this natural supplement line.

In our relentless pursuit of excellence, we've incorporated Sport Innovations' PEMF lineup, an essential tool in assisting horses and ponies in competition. Our PEMF technology aids in reducing stress, anxiety, and enhancing focus and performance.


During the summer of 2023, over 150 horses and ponies experienced the remarkable benefits of our #RED Blanket system, attesting to its effectiveness. This technology exemplifies our commitment to a DRUG FREE and FEI compliant approach, ensuring the well-being and success of our equine companions. Join us on this journey towards healthier, happier, and more successful horses and riders.

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