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Elevate Your Horse's Health with HELTIE horse® Silicon 


Unlock the full potential of your horse's well-being with HELTIE horse® Silicon. Crafted from hydrolyzed silicon, this premium equine supplement is specially designed to support the development of bones, cartilage, hooves, skin, and coat. Unlike ordinary supplements, HELTIE horse® Silicon contains an active, hydrolyzed form of silicon that boasts an impressive 100% absorption rate. The small silicon molecules easily penetrate the intestinal wall, ensuring optimal results for your equine companion.


Essential Mineral for Horses

Silicon is a fundamental mineral in your horse's diet, playing a pivotal role in bone formation and cartilage production. Whether you have a young or older horse, our silicon supplement is a perfect fit. Combine it seamlessly with HELTIE horse Joints and/or HELTIE horse Clove/Cannabidol for comprehensive equine care.


Hydrolyzed Excellence

Our hydrolyzed silicon sets a new standard, outperforming ortho-silicic acid. Unlike other forms that may have pH instability and reduced absorbability, HELTIE horse® Silicon maintains a stable pH value of around 10.2 for complete absorption.


Patience for Progress

Bones and hooves are slow-growing tissues, requiring time to flourish. Give your horse's health the attention it deserves by administering silicon for at least 2-3 months, and for hoof health, extend the duration to 4-6 months. Consider making silicon a permanent part of your older horse's regimen for ongoing support.


Economical 5L Refill Pack

For multi-horse households, our 5L refill can is a cost-effective option, allowing you to easily refill your dosing bottle. Additionally, a separate 10 ml dispenser is available in our webshop for precise dosing directly from the can.



HELTIE horse® Silicon can be administered as a top dressing or added to your horse's drinking water. To maintain its potency, store the product between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius, keeping the temperature as constant as possible.

HELTIE horse® Silicon

    • Water    
    • Colloidal silica (E551b)    15 %
    • Glycerine    
    • Sodium chloride    
    • Dosage: 1 ml per 50 kg of body weight, once daily.
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