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Support Your Horse's Well-being with HELTIE horse® Triphala


Give your horse the support it needs with HELTIE horse® Triphala, a versatile herbal combination crafted to promote healthy metabolism and digestion. Triphala is derived from three fruits - Amalaki, Bibhitaki, and Haritaki - known for their beneficial properties in Ayurvedic medicine. This powerful blend supports mucous membranes, aids in maintaining a balanced blood sugar level during training, and provides essential support for overweight horses.


Key Features:

  • 100% Triphala, without additives
  • Versatile use for digestion and metabolism support
  • Supports mucous membranes and blood sugar metabolism


Unlock the Benefits of HELTIE horse® Triphala:
HELTIE horse® Triphala is rich in vitamin C, minerals, and antioxidants, providing comprehensive support for your horse's well-being. This herbal blend aids digestion, promotes a healthy bowel function, and supports the immune system. Additionally, it helps maintain a balanced acid-base level in the stomach and supports overall sugar metabolism.


Dosage & Application:
Administer HELTIE horse® Triphala over the feed. Use a dosage of 1 gram per 100 kg body weight, twice daily. One measuring spoon weighs approximately 6 grams. Ensure the bag is tightly closed after use and store in a dry place.


Please note: HELTIE horse® Triphala is not suitable for pregnant mares unless under the consultation of a veterinarian or therapist.


Premium Ingredients:
Our premium formula contains only Triphala, ensuring purity and efficacy in supporting your horse's health and vitality.


Invest in Your Horse's Health:
Elevate your horse's well-being with HELTIE horse® Triphala. Provide essential support for digestion, metabolism, and overall health, ensuring your equine companion thrives and excels.

HELTIE horse® Triphala

    • Triphala
    •  1 gram per 100 kg body weight (2x daily). One measuring spoon weighs approximately 6 grams.



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