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Enhance Your Horse's Well-being with HELTIE horse® Minerals.


Discover the richness of HELTIE horse® Minerals, a concentrated blend of Bering Sea water meticulously crafted to provide your horse with a comprehensive array of essential minerals. Derived from 100 liters of seawater per liter, with most of the sodium removed, this exceptional supplement offers unparalleled benefits for your equine companion.


Key Features:

  • More than 85 (micro) elements and fulvic acid
  • 1 liter corresponds to 100 liters of Bering Sea water
  • Suitable for adding to the water bucket


Unlock the Power of Sea Minerals:

HELTIE horse® Minerals harnesses the potency of Bering Sea water, packed with over 85 (micro) elements and fulvic acid, providing your horse with a rich source of vital minerals. Carefully concentrated to retain maximum potency, our formula stands out as a superior alternative to traditional mineral licks.


Boost Natural Defenses and Metabolism:

Promote your horse's natural defense system, support metabolic processes, and enhance the absorption of essential minerals and vitamins with HELTIE horse® Minerals. Our formula is suitable for all horses and can serve as a sugar-free electrolyte solution.


Easy Addition to Your Horse's Diet:

Add 25 ml of HELTIE horse® Minerals to 20 liters of water, allowing your horse to regulate its mineral intake based on its needs. Always ensure fresh water is available without additives alongside the supplemented water bucket.


Dosage & Application:

HELTIE horse® Minerals can be administered as a top dressing over feed or added directly to the water. Follow these dosage guidelines based on your horse's body weight:

  • Low (maintenance): 10 ml once daily
  • High (for 14 days): 20 ml once daily


Premium Ingredients:

Concentrated Bering Sea water serves as the sole ingredient in HELTIE horse® Minerals, ensuring purity and potency for optimal equine health.


Invest in Your Horse's Vitality:

Elevate your horse's health and vitality with HELTIE horse® Minerals

HELTIE horse® Minerals

    • Concentrated Bering Sea water
    • Low (maintenance) : 1x daily 10 ml
    • High (for 14 days) : 20 ml once a day
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