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Revitalize Your Horse's Hoof Health with HELTIE horse® Hoofgel!


Combat wet and restless frogs with HELTIE horse® Hoofgel, formulated to promote hoof restoration and balance. Harnessing the power of effective micro-organisms (EM), cane sugar molasses, and water, this hoofgel supports your horse's self-healing abilities for optimal hoof health.


Targeted Hoof Care
HELTIE horse® Hoofgel targets wet and restless frogs, providing targeted care to promote healing and balance. The inclusion of effective micro-organisms aids in maintaining a healthy environment within the hoof, supporting the expulsion of unfavorable bacteria.


Effective Microorganisms (EM)
With the infusion of effective micro-organisms, HELTIE horse® Hoofgel introduces beneficial bacteria to support the natural balance within the hoof. These happy bacteria work alongside your horse's innate healing mechanisms, promoting overall hoof health and resilience.


For best results, ensure the hoof is clean before application. Generously apply the gel to the frog grooves, ideally 1-2 times daily. Consistent application supports the restoration process, helping your horse achieve optimal hoof condition.


HELTIE horse® Hoofgel

    • Water 
    • Effective micro-organisms
    • Cane sugar molasses
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