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Optimize Your Horse's Hydration with HELTIE horse® Electrolytes!


Ensure your horse maintains a healthy fluid balance and replenishes essential electrolytes post-exercise or during hot weather with HELTIE horse® Electrolytes. Enhanced with vitamin B2 to facilitate electrolyte absorption and boasting a delightful apple flavor, this supplement supports your equine partner's well-being.


Enriched with Vitamin B2

HELTIE horse® Electrolytes is fortified with vitamin B2, enhancing the body's ability to absorb electrolytes efficiently. This ensures faster and more effective replenishment, promoting optimal hydration and performance.


Quicker Absorption
Formulated for better and faster absorption, HELTIE horse® Electrolytes swiftly replenishes lost electrolytes, aiding in maintaining a balanced nervous system, muscle function, and hydration levels in your horse.


Optimal Moisture Balance
Maintaining a proper fluid balance is crucial for your horse's health and performance. HELTIE horse® Electrolytes supports this balance, ensuring your equine companion remains hydrated and energized, especially after exertion.


HELTIE horse® Electrolytes is designed to support your horse's fluid balance and electrolyte levels after intense workouts or exposure to high temperatures. With the addition of vitamin B2 for enhanced absorption and a delightful apple flavor, this supplement not only replenishes electrolytes but also boosts energy levels and aids in post-training recovery.


Dosage & Application
Administer HELTIE horse® Electrolytes as a top dressing over feed, orally with a syringe, or mix it into your horse's drinking water. Always ensure fresh water is readily available.

  • Dosage: 30 ml per day


HELTIE horse® Electrolytes

    • Sodium chloride    
    • Potassium chloride    
    • Magnesium sulphate    
    • Dextrose    
    • Apple Flavouring    
    • Vitamin B2    
    • Glycerine
    • Dosage: 30 ml per day
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