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Promote Digestive Health with HELTIE horse® Digestion


Support your horse's digestive system with HELTIE horse® Digestion, a carefully formulated supplement designed to promote healthy digestion, intestinal flora, and internal cleansing. Crafted from a blend of natural herbs including hawthorn, yellow gentian, absinthe wormwood, and cat's claw, this supplement is essential for maintaining your horse's overall well-being.


Key Features:

  • Promotes bowel function and internal cleansing
  • Supports healthy digestion and intestinal flora
  • Based on natural herbs for optimal efficacy


Unlock the Benefits of HELTIE horse® Digestion:
HELTIE horse® Digestion is specially crafted to support kidney function, promote intestinal health, and aid in the absorption of moisture from the intestines. This supplement helps protect the intestinal wall and ensures your horse maintains optimal digestive health.


Dosage & Application:
Administer HELTIE horse® Digestion as a top dressing over feed or directly into the horse's mouth using a syringe. Follow these dosage guidelines based on your horse's weight:

  • Low (maintenance): 50 ml per day
  • High (for 6 days): 60 ml per day


Premium Ingredients:
Our premium formula includes hawthorn, yellow gentian, absinth balm, cat's claw, along with acidum aceticum, acidum lacticum, acidum formicum, magnesium chloride, and sodium chloride, ensuring the highest quality and efficacy for your horse's benefit.


Invest in Your Horse's Digestive Health:
Elevate your horse's well-being and digestive health with HELTIE horse® Digestion. Provide your equine companion with the support they need to thrive and maintain optimal digestive function.

HELTIE horse® Digestion

    • Hawthorn    
    • Yellow gentian    
    • Absinth balm    
    • Cat's claw    
    • Acidum aceticum    
    • Acidum lacticum    
    • Acidum formicum    
    • Magnesium chloride    
    • Sodium chloride
    • Low (maintenance): 50 ml per day
    • High (for 6 days): 60 ml per day
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