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HELTIE horse® Dandelion: Support Your Horse's Vitality Naturally


Unlock the full potential of your horse's well-being with HELTIE horse® Dandelion. Crafted from liquid dandelion derived from both the root and leaf, this versatile supplement offers comprehensive support for your horse's liver, kidneys, digestion, and urinary tract.


Key Features:

  • Liquid dandelion
  • From both root and leaf
  • Suitable for use in the mineral buffet
  • Supports liver and kidney function


HELTIE horse® Dandelion is a pure tincture carefully made from both the leaf and root of the dandelion plant, free from unnecessary additives. Dandelion promotes healthy liver and kidney function, aids digestion, and stimulates digestive juices with its bitter substances.


Additionally for the Mineral Buffet:
Enhance your horse's mineral intake by incorporating HELTIE horse® Dandelion into their mineral buffet. Ensure your horse always has access to fresh drinking water without additives. The recommended dosage is 15 ml per 10 liters of water.


Dosage & Application:
Administer HELTIE horse® Dandelion as a top dressing over feed or add it to a separate water bowl.

  • Dosage: 15 ml per day


HELTIE horse® Dandelion

    • Taraxacum off. (Dandelion)    
    • Magnesium chloride    
    • Sodium chloride
    • Dosage: 15 ml per day
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