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HELTIE horse® Silicon is made of hydrolyzed silicon and supports the construction of bones, cartilage, hooves, skin and coat. The mineral silicon supports the production of the body’s own glucosamine and can be used in horses that eat sand or in horses with lower quality hooves. HELTIE horse® Silicon contains an active, hydrolyzed form of silicon that is 100% absorbable. The silicon molecules are very small so that they can pass through the intestinal wall.

Basic mineral for horses

The mineral silicon belongs to the basic ration for horses. The mineral silicon plays an important role in bone formation and also in the production of cartilage. The mineral silicon is therefore extremely suitable for both young horses and older horses. Silicon can be combined well with HELTIE horse Joints and/or HELTIE horse Clove/Cannabidol.

Hydrolyzed silicon

Hydrolyzed silicon is not too similar to ortho-silicic acid. With ortho-silicic acid, the PH value is extremely increased or decreased and it is mixed with choline or another buffer to stabilize the pH. When the silicon is then brought back with water, the silicic acid will go back to the silicon dioxide form (SiO2). This form is less absorbable and contains less active silicon than the hydrolyzed form. The pH value of hydrolyzed silicon is around 10.2 and is completely absorbable.

Silicon takes time

Bones and hooves are slow-growing tissues, so the mineral silicon needs time to work. Therefore, give silicon for at least 2-3 months and for the hooves at least 4-6 months. Silicon may be given permanently, especially in older horses this is recommended.

5L refill pack available

Do you use HELTIE horse Silicon for several horses? Then it is more economical to order a 5L can, with this you can refill the dosing bottle. A 10 ml dispenser is also available separately in the webshop for direct dosing from the can.

Dosage & Application:

HELTIE horse® Silicon may be given as a top dressing over it or added to drinking water. Always store silicon between 5 and 35 degrees, preferably at as constant a temperature as possible.

Dosage: 1 ml per 50 kg body weight 1 x daily.


Water, Colloidal silica (E551b), Glycerine and Sodium chloride

HELTIE horse® Silicon

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  • Specifications

    Colloidal silica (E551b) 15 %
    Sodium chloride  


    Packaging Dosage Price per day
    100 ml 10 ml € 0,48
    1000 ml 10 ml € 0,40
    250 ml 10 ml € 0,46
    5000 ml 10 ml € 0,37
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