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'Liquid dandelion from both root and leaf'


HELTIE horse® Dandelion is a tasty and versatile product for your horse. It is made from both the root and the leaf of dandelion and therefore has a comprehensive effect. The dandelion root has a positive effect on the liver, bile function and supports digestion. The leaves are good for the urinary tract and kidney function.


  •  Liquid dandelion
  •  From both root and leaf
  •  Also for in the mineral buffet
  •  To support liver and kidneys



HELTIE horse® Dandelion is a tincture made from both the leaf and root of the dandelion. It is a pure product, with no unnecessary additives. Dandelion is to support both the liver and kidneys. It supports overall digestion and due to its bitter substances it stimulates the digestive juices.

Also for the mineral buffet

HELTIE horse® Dandelion is a very nice and tasty addition to the mineral buffet. Make sure your horse always has fresh drinking water (without additives) available. The dosage is 15 ml per 10 litres of water.


Dosage & Application

HELTIE horse® Dandelion may be given as a top dressing over the feed or added through the water in a separate water bowl.

  • Dosage: 15 ml per day



Taraxacum off., Magnesium chloride, Sodium chloride

HELTIE horse® Dandelion

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  • Ingredients

    • Taraxacum off. (Dandelion)    
    • Magnesium chloride    
    • Sodium chloride


    Packaging Dosage Price per day
    1000ml 15ml $


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